Monday, 19 November 2012

New Bike

As mentioned in my last post I have treated myself to a new bike with new racing wheels.

The wheels on the bike currently are on loan while awaiting my wheels to arrive. It has given me a well needed lift after recent dramas in my life and it was fun taking it out for a spin yesterday.

My new bike cost me $4300! It's not a cheap sport that I've taken on but it is great fun, I get to see a lot more than running and of course it keeps me active and fit.

Lea took some action shots in our street the day I purchased it.

Having done 2 posts now in a row I may have turned the corner in my slackness. Hope to be in touch again soon!


  1. You are looking pretty sharp on that new bike. Love the ride you took the other day, very overcast looking though. Love that last picture on you last post. The ride down looks like it was a beautiful one!

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Nice bike, Paul. No satnav on that then... and no passenger to obey your superior driving skills. Sorry, couldn't resist that but you did ask for it....grins.