Thursday, 18 October 2012

Dunedin Days

After a pleasant stay with my brother in Moutere, Nelson Lea and I travelled down to Dunedin over the Lewis Pass to Christchurch.

We took the inland route through Middlemarch on the way to Dunedin.

I was really excited about introducing Lea to my dad, sister and her family and they welcomed her with open arms. 

While in Dunedin we did a few touristy activities. We visited Cadburys and received a few complimentary choccies.

More details later. Hope you like the photos!. This post was done by Paul not Lea! Logged in under wrong name!


  1. Ah Cadburys... the founders of Cadburys live a mile or two away from me. As a child I used to sniff the chocolate smell in the air around the chocolate factory and sometimes I would get a bag of broken chocolate pieces from one of the workmen. Happy days. Loved your very scenic pictures.

  2. Wait, you visited CADBURY'S!!! I would have that in all CAPITALS!
    How lucky can you be! Love the old Cadbury's truck, I would have asked to post beside it too!